Driving without any insurance is a crime, but choosing the right insurance can be daunting. There are many different types of insurance for cars and you need to know what they each offer. This will help you choose the right insurance for your car.

Third Party Only

Third party only insurance is the legal minimum that you will need to have. This insurance will cover damage caused to the property of others and will provide compensation for injuries. This compensation will be provided when you are found at fault for the injuries and damage.

This insurance will not cover the costs to repair your car. It will also not cover theft of your car or when it is damaged by fire. The benefit of these policies is that they are cheaper than others.

Third Party, Fire And Theft

As the name suggests, this insurance is one up from third party only and overs the costs of fire damage and theft. The insurance will cost more than third party only, but does provide you with better coverage. Of course, you will need to check the policy to see what is covered.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is the best insurance that you can get for your car. Not only will you cover third party damage, your own car will also be covered. This will be applicable whether you are at fault for the accident or not.

When it comes to this type of insurance, the policies offered by different companies will cover different things. It is important that you read through all of the terms and conditions of the policy before you sign anything. You should also compare insurance policies because you might get more coverage with one policy than another.

This type of insurance is also the most expensive. This is one of the reasons why many people do not choose to have comprehensive. However, the higher price does bring better protection and it could save you money in the event of an accident.

Other Insurance Types

While third party and comprehensive are the most common and important types of insurance for your car and business, there are others that you can consider. They will not be as common, but they can provide the coverage that you need. Of course, you will need to ensure that they provide the minimum as required by law.

The first is multicar insurance where multiple vehicles are registered to the same address. You will need to buy the insurance for all cars through the same provider with this insurance. Generally, you will be provided with a discount if you have one of these policies.

Classic car insurance can only be used if you have a vintage car. Many of these policies will have a vehicle age limit and you need to consider this. This is a specialist insurance and will cost more if you need to get it.

There are many different types of car insurance that you are able to get. Third party only is the legal minimum that you need, but you can also get comprehensive which provides more protection.