Sometimes a person will have a secondary car that they only use for certain occasions. This might be a high-end sports car that they only take out for shows or special nights out on the town. It could be a massive van that only comes in handy when they need to haul a lot of people or things. Whatever reason you might have for keeping a car in storage most of the time, you need to make sure that the car is still adequately cared for.

Yes, this car is putting on less mileage than the one you use more regularly. But that doesn’t mean that maintenance isn’t required. Continue reading to learn how you can preserve the quality of your “spare” vehicle while only taking it out for a spin every now and then.

Clean Your Car from Top to Bottom

A good and thorough cleaning, as well as a bit of undercoating for any unpainted metal, is the first step toward keeping your car looking great while it’s being stored. Clean the interior and the exterior. Polish and wax the outside. When you perform these basic car cleaning tasks, you help to ensure that your car will appear to be in tip-top shape next time you take it out of storage.

Change the Oil and Top Off Fluids

It’s always sound practice to change the oil in your car and top of all fluids (coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc) so that your car will be in fine working order when it’s time to hit the road once again. We advise taking the car for a short drive right after doing this, as to circulate the fluids through the lines before the car goes into storage.

Fill the Gas Tank

A full gas tank helps to prevent moisture build-up inside of the tank. If you know that your car will be stored for 30 days or more, this step can prevent catastrophe. It won’t hurt to add a fuel stabilizer to the tank to enhance the life of the gasoline, especially if your car will be stored for several months.

Invest in a Good Car Cover

A well-fitted car cover will protect your car from moisture and other elements that may come into contact with the car’s finish and components otherwise. It is often advised to put steel wool inside of the air cleaner intake and exhaust pipe to protect your car from critters making their home in your car.

Even if your car isn’t used often, it still requires a degree of care to remain in great condition when it’s time to take the vehicle out of storage. Utilize these tips next time you store your car to ensure exactly that.